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“Other Side of The Coin”

Ever wonder what would have happened if Jon & Ponch had met Roy & Johnny from “Emergency!” ? 


“Attention all units: be on the lookout for a white, late model Oldsmobile two door, license number 6 Ida William Charles 9-2-6 last seen traveling southbound on the Harbor Freeway near Greendale. Suspect is wanted in connection with a hit and run that occurred 15 ago.”

California Highway Patrol Officer Jon Baker felt his heartbeat quicken. As he and his partner Frank Poncherello took in the call and responded, he could feel a rush of adrenaline wash over him. 12 years on the patrol hadn’t made him any more used to this. Glancing over at Ponch, he knew he wasn’t alone. Ponch’s swarthy features were set in a grim stare as he rode alongside Jon, his jaw tense and twitching slightly.

“Nothing!” he called as they rode past the Greendale off ramp, “you think he pulled off somewhere?” Ponch asked.

“Maybe….either that or-” he was interrupted by the coarse buzz of an engine pushed beyond its limits. Suddenly the Oldsmobile appeared on the opposite side of the freeway.

“Ponch! Over there!” he yelled over the roar of his motor.

“Son of a- he must have turned around back there!” Ponch replied as they made a U-turn on the grassy shoulder, kicking up a cloud of dust and dirt. As they rode over to the northbound side, Jon reached for the radio.

“L.A.,7-Mary-3 and 4 are in pursuit of hit and run suspect, now going northbound on the Harbor Freeway!”

As they sped after the car, their speedometers inched higher and higher. Jon clenched the handlebars of his motor so tightly his hands hurt. Ponch’s mouth began to feel like cotton as he inhaled clouds of dust and exhaust. Suddenly the Oldsmobile swerved over and sped down an off ramp. Continue reading


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