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Missing Scenes From “One Two Many”

Synopsis: (this takes place where the episode left off-Jon, fed up with the delays in getting Ponch’s trailer repaired, loses it and decides  to live in the trailer, giving Ponch the keys to his car and apartment. Ever wonder what happened after that??)
Jon waved goodbye to Ponch, closed the curtains and sat down. Finally! Peace and quiet! His momentary satisfaction gave way to disgust as he looked around the trailer. How does he live like this? Clothes, empty wrappers and assorted clutter filled the small space, a layer of dust over it all. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. Me and my big mouth.

Meanwhile, Ponch headed back to Jon’s place, excited. Jon’s place and all his beautiful friends! Mine! He grinned as he pulled into the complex and parked. Once inside the apartment he walked into Jon’s bedroom.Unsurprisingly it was neat as a pin. Ponch sat on the bed and smiled to himself. Goodbye couch! His smiled faded as his eyes fell on Jon’s dresser. Among the cologne, family photos, jar of spare change and a worn brown cigar box was a photo in a silver frame. It was of the two of them, taken the day Ponch had graduated from Motor School. Ponch’s glee faded as he laid back on the bed and closed his eyes. Damn it! Jon is the best friend you’ve got and you’ve gone and screwed it up. Continue reading


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